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Understanding Psychological Disorders for Crisis and Hostage Negotiation Teams
This 200-slide program in PowerPoint format has been developed to assist instructors and Hostage Negotiations team members in providing essential information to people on Psychology Disorders and Personality types faced during Crisis or Hostage Negotiations. The presentation illustrates information on the history and nature of mental illness, understanding mental illness as it pertains to tactics of hostage negotiations, and how to take care of the team after critical incidents. Included are a training manual containing hard copy of all the slides and space for presenter notes or for use as a handout. It can be used: • To develop an understanding of the history and nature of mental illness. • To incorporate the understanding of mental illness with the tactics of hostage negotiation • To recognize signs of critical incidents • Gain an understanding of Critical Incident Stress Management.
Price: $119.00
Best Practices in Critical Incident Response
Best Practices in Critical Incident Response August 1, 2014. Wilmington, DE
Price: $50.00
CISM: Group Crisis Intervention
CISM: Group Crisis Intervention - August 28-29, 2014. Dover, DE
Price: $100.00
CISM: Individual Crisis Communication
CISM: Individual Crisis Communication - July 30-31. Wilmington, DE
Price: $100.00