Dennis Carradin - Business Consulting, Personal and Professional Counseling
 Business Seminars:
  • Sexual Harassment and Violence in the Workplace
    • This program examines the causes, concerns and avoidance of sexual harassment and violence in the workplace.
  • Grief and Loss
    • This programs aims at helping companies cope with the loss of 
      co-workers and leaders as well as understanding how individuals and companies grieve after loss.
  • Balancing Work and Family Life
    • This presentation gives the audience the opportunity to examine the balance of their own work/family situation while giving them the ability to simplify life and restore a sense of balance.
  • How to Recover from a Career Crash
    • This program examines the common causes of career crashes, how they affect people, how to recover, and even how to turn the experience into a victory.
  • Crisis in the Workplace
    • This program aims at understanding the causes, the signs, and the recovery from a crisis in the workplace while promoting a positive plan of action.
  • Managing Conflict at Work
    • This program aims at understanding the causes, the signs, and resolution of conflicts in the workplace while developing strategies to avoid future conflicts.
  • Manage Your Stress
    • This program aims at alleviating and managing stress in the workplace as well as helping participants to understand their triggers to workplace stress.
  • How to Create a Positive Work Environment
    • This program will teach participants specific ways to make the workplace more positive by motivating and reinforcing coworkers.
  • Take Charge of Your Life and Have the Best Year Ever!    
    • This program helps the audience to start developing goals and a plan of action that will make positive changes in their work/family life.